At the heart of a salt-free diet

au-coeur-du-regime-sans-selAt the announcement of the verdict ‘salt-free diet”, a lot of patients are under the impression that the sky was falling and that this nutritional constraint adds to the order of having to take drugs. Nevertheless, when it comes to the issue of survival, the fact of a salt-free eating is in no case dealing with giving up the pleasures of eating or its flavours. In order to reintroduce the notions, you only have to get well organised, to follow some simple nutritional tips and hints, and also to know about the specialised salt-free food programs. A varied and equilibrated salt-free diet still is the most precious ally to your heart, as for care as for prevention.

What is a salt-free diet ?

Today, you rather call it a “hyposode” diet than a salt-free diet. This having the aim of lowering the sum of salt-intake, while still keeping the flavour and an equilibrated food.

For whom is it recommended ?

A strict salt-free diet is prescribed for patients with kidney- of heart-pathologies (heart-insufficiency). A standard salt-free diet is recommended in the case of an outbreak of arterial high pressure (AHT) and in a pre-eclampsia state during pregnancy (AHT, proteinuria, putting on weight, edema).

Eating less salt should interest all of us, because this is also a prevention concerning high arterial blood pressure. We are daily eating 8,5 g of salt, whereas maximal 5 g should be necessary, and there is no risk at all to eat salt with moderation all life long, contrarily to what is believed. On the other hand, the studies made clearly are proving that diets poor in salt always go along with a lower arterial pressure.


Golden rules for a salt-free diet

There are three big rules to be taken into account for a hyposodic diet :

  1. Avoid transformed food, like ready-made processed food, and give privilege to salt- free food.
  2. Think of getting used to other cooking habits by avoiding to salt before, during and after the cooking the dishes
  3. Never put a salt-pot on the table

Never put a salt-pot on the table :

  1. salt on the table
  2. bread and crackers
  3. sausages and paté
  4. pre-cooked dishes
  5. sauces and stock cubes
  6. olives, gherkins, mustard
  7. biscuits,
  8. cheese
  9. salt sparkling water
  10. sparkling medicine

How to make a tasty dish for a salt-free diet ?


Play the card with :

  1. aromates (garlic, onions, challots)
  2. herbs ( persil, dill chives, basil, peppermint, thyme, laurel, oregano)
  3. spices (pepper, curry, paprika, cumin …)
  4. marinades


Put emphasis on certain food which is already tasty and therefore don’t need any more salt :

  1. Vegetables (cabbage, celery …)
  2. Fish (salmon, macquerel …)
  3. Meet (lamb, beef …)

Add flavour to your dish of fish or white fish and vegetables with a touch of olive oil, lemon juice or white wine. Prefer cooking ways which preserve the taste of grilled food: by vapour, cook in foil, steamed food.


Where to find salt-free products ?


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