The exams

Exams in cardiology

In France, are carried out per year :
100 000 angioplasties
200 000 coronographies and more than one billion echographies

Cardiologic exams are carried out for early detection, diagnosis and/or monitoring the cardiovascular diseases. They are showing the progress made and facilitate the early and precise diagnosis of the specific case. The images, having become more and more perfect, allow not having to undergo absolutely no surgery, so that even some delicate interventions are possible.

Also it is difficult to count the lives saved by these exams, but they are numerous..

Still there remains a certain inequality concerning the exams: Those which a female heart has to undergo, having the same symptoms as a man, because they still stay not as well cared for.

Between men and women there exist different ways of access to the most urgent exams, as published according to the medical Canadian association in March 2014. For example, out of 1123 patients, 29 % of women have had an electrocardiogram, against 38 % if men. For vital health care which needs the reopening of a coronary artery, 32 % of women were benefiting from it within 30 minutes, against 57 % of men.