Daily healthy lifestyle


While cardio-vascular diseases are becoming a global epidemic, unfortunately as much for women as for men, priority has to be given to prevention. For a healthy heart beat the heart needs a way of life without any bad habits, especially those created by our society of consumption and to which we have been conditioned in the meantime.

To be able to adopt a healthy lifestyle, our own good habits have to be put together, so that our state of health will get better or can be maintained by privileging certain habits to others. It will make a difference for the health of our heart, when we make the right choices, like eating well, exercising, controlling the stress. On the other hand, we have to realize that a healthy lifestyle does not necessarily mean a long list of do’s and don’ts, and that there has to be also a notion of having fun and feeling well.

« So let’s talk of art of living, the way of life. Let’s talk of choices. Prevention comes also along with the tiny things of everyday life. ».

Danièle Hermann

 « ART OF LIVING » : the essentials for a daily healthy lifestyle


1. Learning to control your weight

Nutrition is the vital point for the physical, mental or also emotional needs Nutrition is not only good for our identity, but also for the way of living together. The way of eating assures the maximum resistance against cardio-vascular diseases. A diet plays an important role in treating chronic diseases.

That is why eating is a question of responsibility and of how you treat yourself. Learning to give privilege to special ways of nutrition is limiting the risk of overweight.


  • Having meals at fixed hours
  • Drink more than enough, preferably water
  • Eat at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables daily
  • Give priority to whole grain cereals
  • Prefer low-fat milky products, fish, seafood, lean meat
  • Eat less food with a high sugar content, saturated fat and cholesterol.


2. Learning to control your stress

The bad stress, because of being the evil from modern life to which we are all exposed, is a real ticking time-bomb for our heart and for health in general. In front of this stress we have two choices: either to confront it or to flee from it. Stress situations can hardly be avoided so, we have to find some ways how to
confront them:

Some simple tips to say stop to stress in your life :

  • Learn contemplation
  • Learn to handle your emotions
  • Make time for yourself
  • Laugh at least 15 minutes per day
  • Have a good sexual life
  • Prefer certain food which contains stress (black chocolate, almonds, nuts)


3. What if the secret of a healthy heart lies in good sexual life ?

coeur-sain-sexualite-epanouieThis self-development had been put forward by the very serious American Heart Association, stating in its 2012 report and concluding that sexual activity is an essential component for feeling well and has positive effects for the heart, just like any sportive activity, practised daily.
  – The complete medical community is teaching to get enough physical practise and to eat healthy food for prevention of cardio-vascular diseases. But there is less communication concerning how the benefits of sexual life have for a healthy heart. This is a pitiful omission, because it is well-known that making love is as active as a run round a stadium. It is strengthening the heart in the same way; The results given in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health are stating that men, who make love at least twice per week are diminishing the risk for getting a heart attack than those who make it less than once a month. You are reducing not only your risk of a heart attack, but also are you enhancing the well-being hormones, doming your humour; when you are strengthening your heart by attaining higher pulsations (70 pulsation/minute up to 100, 200).

This is a new way of rejoicing our cardio-vascular health and our well-being.