Why helping us ?

A donation to our Foundation is a real engagement in solidarity for encouraging research of cardio-vascular diseases by which you provide a real, supplementary chance to win the battle.

The donations in the name of Foundation, collected by the Institut de France are controlled by the Court of Auditors (“la Cour des Comptes”).

Why helping research on cardio-vascular diseases ?




Cardio-vascular diseases are a priority in public health, and today the first cause of mortality worldwide, the 2nd one in France, and the first cause for women.

The Cardio-Vascular Research Foundation-Institut de France wants to finance the works in an ambitious research by raising this alarm. This research will encourage the development of new, advanced techniques such as heart transplantations, stem-cells, artificial heart. This will be a tailored research for men as well as for women, so that the drug-therapies of tomorrow will become precise, targeted, active, and well tolerated. Finally a research which takes into account the determinant factors for our good cardio-vascular health, by including the nutrition as a major issue.

For providing to researchers.the possibility to advance their work and to give patients real hope, we need more than ever that everybody gets mobilised: public authorities, private companies, individuals. Anyone, without exception, because this battle is concerning all of us.

We will commit to absolute transparency and to keep you informed of all progress made in this Research which we want to launch thanks to your generosity.