Cardio-vascular illnesses

Cardiac malformations

malformations-cardiaquesThe expression “congenital cardiac malformation” is a general term, meaning the defects or anomalies of the heart since birth.
They are formed during the intra-uterine life and become visible between the 3rd and the 8th week of pregnancy, when the heart is formed. In nine of ten cases it is impossible to determine the reason for these malformations.

Approximately eight out of a thousand babies are born with a
cardiac malformation


What is a congenital cardiac malformation ?

There are different types of congenital heart disorders. These disorders also include the malformations of the pulmonary artery and/or the pulmonary valve.
Among some patients, this malformation stays undetected at birth and the anomaly is only discovered later in lifetime. Others, are showing so evident symptoms that it is already detected before.

Which are the Symptoms ?

A lot of symptoms can indicate a cardiac malformation because of a lack of oxygen :

  1. The skin, the lips, and the nail-bed which have a blue colour
  2. Quick or difficult respiration, an irritability
  3. Apathy and pale and cold skin
  4. Being out of breath, tiredness, palpitations and oedemas of the lower extremities, the joints and the abdomen

Which treatments are there and which preventions are possible ?

A congenital cardiac malformation can be corrected by a surgical open- heart intervention. The children’s body, at that time still growing, might need another operation several years later