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The Academy of Science:
Scientific partner of the Cardio-Vascular Research Foundation-Institut de France

Professor Jean-François Bach

Professor Jean-François Bach

Standing secretary of the Academy of Science
President of the Scientific Council of the Foundation


The Academy has a unique status within the institutional scientific world:
It is governed independently and lies under the protection of the French President, benefitting from complete financial autonomy, controlled only by the Court of Finance.
This independence is due to the manner it is recruiting its members, elected by their fellow-members.

Its five fundamental missions:

One of the fundamental missions of the Academy of Science is:

  • to encourage the scientific world

This includes therefore awarding prizes, nearly 80 every year, covering all scientific fields, the fundamental ones as well as in applied research. Endowed by private donors, government agencies or enterprises, these prizes are rewarding these cautiously chosen candidates of excellence by the juries designated by the Academy. This is done within the strict framework, eliminating any possibility of breach of conflict of interest. The Academy of Science has awarded 40 prizes for an envelope of more than 1,2 billions Euros. Among them 8 theme-prizes and 4 medals, including the “Grande Médaille”.

But also:

  • To promote the teaching of science
  • To transmit the knowledge
  • To foster international collaboration
  • To play an important role for expertise and counselling

Excellency, openness, and multidisciplinary are also characteristic for the Assembly composed of the most eminent the scientific academians, both French and foreign.