The nutrinet study

Prof. Serge Hercberg et Danièle Hermann

The Nutrinet Study is considered as being the greatest world-wide study on nutrition. It was coordinated by Professor Serge Hercberg, who is specialist of eminence of our nutritional habits. Its aim was to bring together a cohort of 500 000 volunteers, named Nutrinautes ( a group, controlled over several years), for learning to know all about their nutritional habits and the impact this has on health.
Up to today, already 258 571 Nutrinautes have subscribed since beginning of the Study.
This unprecedented survey shows the perspective of the importance of nutrition for prevention of the great cardio-metabolic diseases of the industrialized countries (hypertension, diabetes type 2…) or even also cancer. A perspective helping or being useful for prevention, whereas these pathologies have become a real scourge for modern world. During this study, the food-intake and its association with health will be exactly evaluated and put into comparison with other determining factors, such as genetics, tobacco or even your weight.

This vast study has the ambition to improve public health over long, and its results will make an important advance for the understanding of nutrition of the French.

For all practical information on how to participate in this Nutrinet Study :