Which physical activity ?

exercice-physiqueA physical activity is the best way for a prevention and to combat against cardio-vascular diseases.
In order to convince those, who don’t like to move, you only have to explain that a physical activity :

  • Increases the mass of the muscle and reducing the abdominal mass
  • Improves arterial pressure, diminishes the triglycerides and heightens the HDL cholesterol
  • Is anti-depressant

There are multiple ways of integrating more physical activity directly into daily life :

  • Park your car as far away as you can
  • Get off the bus/underground 1 or 2 stations earlier
  • Don’t take the elevator
  • Get up to go from one office to another, rather than picking up the phone
  • Rather make a choice for a, endurance sport (walking, swimming, cross-country skiing…) as well as a sport which fits into your timetable.



Thirty minutes of moderated physical activity daily are sufficient. This is equal to half an hour of a strong, vivid and lasting walk. It also could be a short-time activity, but an intense one. Practising regularly a physical activity is, besides of prevention of cardio-vascular diseases, is activating the blood circulation, and ameliorate the heart- and lung-functions.