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  • 2014
  • 2013
  • Catherine Llorend Cortes
  • 2011
  • Daniel Duveau
  • Peter Lenting
  • Alain Tedguy
  • Joel Ménard
  • Professeur Philipe Menasche
  • Emmanuel Van Obberghen
  • Jean-Baptiste Michel
  • Alan Nurden

  • Professeur Jean-Noël Trochu

    "End-stage heart failure, transplantation and the artificial heart"

    fondation-recherche-cardio-vasculaire-jean-noel-trochu-prixThe Prix Danièle Hermann 2014 prize was awarded to Professeur Jean-Noël Trochu, Chef du pôle hospitalo-universitaire 2, "Institut du Thorax et du Système nerveux" CHU de Nantes (Medical Director at the Thorax and Nervous System Institute, Nantes University Hospital), Chef de service, clinique cardiologique et des maladies vasculaire, CHU de Nantes (Head of the Cardiac and vascular illnesses clinic at Nantes University Hospital).
    Jean-Noël Trochu and his team are working towards two goals – improving the clinical management of end-stage heart failure and performing research in this specific field, with a particular focus on developing a new animal model of post-capillary pulmonary arterial hypertension.






    Monsieur Jean-Pierre Hermann, Maître Michèle Cahen, Professeur Jean-Noël Trochu, Chancelier Gabriel de Broglie, Professeur Jean-François Bach

  • Professor Serge Hercberg

    “Linking Nutrition and Metabolic Cardiovascular Diseases"

    Remise du prix Prix Danièle Hermann 2013 - Professeur Serge Hercberg

    The 2013 Danièle Hermann prize is awarded to Professor Serge Hercberg, Professor of Nutrition at the University of Medicine Paris 13, Director of the INSERM Unit 557 : "Nutritional Epidemiology", Director of the Surveillance and nutritional epidemiology unit (University Paris 13).
    Serge Hercberg takes part in national bodies on nutrition (Research / Public Health) and works in conjunction with research centres worldwide. At Inserm, he leads a team of 24 researchers and lecturers, 10 PhD and postdoctoral students and which, according to the evaluation agency for research and higher education (AERES), should be assessed as vitally important. He was made Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Gembloux in Belgium in 2006.

  • Catherine Llorend Cortes

    Docteur Catherine Llorens-Cortes

    INSERM / Collège de France

    « Nutrition et Maladies du coeur ou Maladies coronariennes »

    Remise du prix Prix Danièle Hermann 2012 - Catherine Llorens-CortesLe Prix Danièle Hermann 2012 a été attribué au Professeur Catherine Llorens-Cortes, Professeur en Neurobiologie, Collège de France « Neuropeptides Centraux et Régulations Hydriques et Cardiovasculaires » depuis 2005, pour ses travaux dans le domaine médical et clinique, qui ont permis une amélioration des traitement de l’hypertension et de l’insuffisance cardiaque.


    Communiqué de presse

  • Professor Hervé LE MAREC

    "Genesis of valvular stenosis and aortic calcification"


    The Prix Danièle Hermann 2011 has been awarded to Professor Hervé LE MAREC

    Professor for cardiology at the University of Nantes an d Director of the Institut de Thorax – a mixed research unit of INSERM. The prize was awarded to him for his work on valvular diseases, namely his research in direction of the genesis of valvular stenosis and aortic calcification.



  • Daniel Duveau

    Professor Daniel Duveau

    “Heart implants”

    Remise du prix Prix Danièle Hermann 2010 - Professeur Daniel Duveau

    The Prix Danièle Hermann 2010 has been awarded to Professor Daniel Duveau,

    Doctor in Medicine and Professor for thoracic and cardiovascular surgery,

    who practises at the CHU hospital in Nantes and became prize winner for his work on the evaluation of new valve implants, using mini-invasive techniques, and on the treatment of fibrillation auriculaire.


    Communiqué de presse

  • Peter Lenting

    Peter Lenting

    « Heart, vessels and haemostasis »

    Remise du prix Prix Danièle Hermann 2009 - Peter Lenting

    The Prix Danièle Hermann 2009 has been awarded to Doctor Peter Lenting.
    Director of Research at INSERM, Unit U770, he was awarded for his work on thrombosis and haemostatis, and moreover for his studies on two haemorrhagic syndromes, haemophilia and Willebrand’s disease. Since 1989, Doctor Lenting was working on haemostasis and thrombosis treatment. His research principally concerns three proteins, which play a major role in haemostasis: the Willebrand factor, factor VIII and factor IX.

    The factor Willebrand and the factor VIII form one complex, circulating in the blood. Their deficit, just like the deficit of factor IX, is leading to a strong haemorrhagic syndrome (Willebrand’s disease, haemophilia A, haemophilia B).




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  • Alain Tedguy

    Alain Tedgui

    “Cardiac and vascular diseases”

    Remise du prix Prix Danièle Hermann 2008 - Alain Tedgui

    The Prix Danièle Hermann 2008 has been awarded to Mr. Alain Tedgui. Director for Research at the Cardiac Research Centre of the European Hospital Georges Pompidou, director for Research at INSERM (special unit) and coordinator of the European network for excellence EVGN (European Vascular Genomics Network), has received the award for his remarkable scientific contributions to three fields: the role of nitric monoxide of endothelial origin and of metalloproteinases by remodelling the vessels, as well as the role of apoptosis of arterial thrombosis, the determination of anti-inflammatory endokines, IL-10 and TGFB for the stability of atheroclerosis plates.

    Here is a portrait of Mr. Alain Tedgui: Mr. Alain Tedgui and his group of researchers were among the first to demonstrate that micro particles of endothelial cells could be a specific marker for endothelial dysfunction in cardiovascular pathologies. In today’s scientific world full in explosion, Mr. Alain Tedgui and his group are contributing to the advance in knowledge on the formation and the biological functions of circulating micro-particles.



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  • Joel Ménard

    Professor Joël Ménard Michel

    ”Hormonal control of the water metabolism”

    Remise du prix Prix Danièle Hermann 2007 - Joël Ménard Michel

    The Prix Danièle Hermann 2007 has been awarded to Mr. Joël Ménard Michel

    Doctor in Medicine, university professor and delegate for clinical research on Public Assistance – Hôpitaux de Paris, was chosen because of his research on hormonal water metabolism control, and of sodium and potassium. He is Professor at the Faculté de Médicine Paris-Descartes. Professor Joël Ménard undertakes important research work on the comprehension of hormonal sodium and water control, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular diseases.


    He devoted his career as researcher to his studies on the control system of the in’s and out’s of water and salt, which is vitally necessary for an interior balance. The kidneys guarantee this control, influenced by the principal hormonal system, the Renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system.


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  • Professeur Philipe Menasche

    Professor Philippe Menasché

    "Development and regeneration of heart and vessels"

    Remise du prix Prix Danièle Hermann 2006 - Philippe Menasché

    The Prix Danièle Hermann 2006 has been awarded to Professor Philippe Menasché.

    University professor, director of INSERM, Unit 633, for “Cellular therapy and cardiac pathologies” at the Broussais hospital, heart surgeon at the European Hospital Georges Pompidou. He received the prize for his research work in the field of the development of heart and vessels and their regeneration. He is pioneer for the treatment of cardiac insufficiency by cellular therapy. Doctor Philippe Menasché’s research is on the transplantation of embryonic cells into the heart, and especially in the case of myocardial infarction.


    His unites with his experimental work a constant dialogue with researchers, clinicians, law-representatives, biotechnological companies, for his constant aim: to mediate between rational exactitude, stability of pre-clinical data, and the possibility of real application in human therapy.



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  • Emmanuel Van Obberghen

    Professor Emmanuel Van Obberghen

    ”Research on metabolic disorders leading to cardiovascular pathologies”

    Remise du prix Prix Danièle Hermann 2005 - Emmanuel Van Obberghen

    The Prix Danièle Hermann 2005 has been awarded to Professor Emmanuel Van Obberghen.

    Professor for biochemistry at the Faculté de Médecine, Nice, director of INSERM, Unit 145. He received the award for his research work on the signals for insulin-receptors. Professor Emmanuel Van Obberghen is a pioneer of research for insulin-receptors and has contributed greatly to an advance in knowledge on the fundamental aspects of cell biology and the physiopathology of diabetes.


    His scientific contribution also allowed to identify possible new therapeutic targets. His unique work opened promising perspectives of pharmaceutical and clinical research on diabetes and its complications.


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  • Jean-Baptiste Michel

    Professeur Jean-Baptiste Michel

    « Anomalies and ageing of the cardiovascular system »

    Remise du prix Prix Danièle Hermann 2004 - Jean-Baptiste Michel

    The Prix Danièle Hermann 2004 has been awarded to Mr. Jean-Baptiste Michel

    Director for Research, 1. Class at INSERM. He received the prize for his research on the anomalies and the ageing of the cardiovascular system. Interested in biology from very young age on, Jean-Baptiste Michel decided to study medicine. He was influenced by his tutors, Paul Milliez et Charles Dubost, directed his studies on the cardiovascular system, and, which is exceptional, has a double qualification for surgery (internat, clinical) and physiology (official Thesis).

    Since then, he has directed his work on experimental physiology of tissues and cells and cardiovascular therapeutics. Due to his qualification as surgeon, he focused on experimental models “in vivo” of cardiovascular diseases. He studied the pathological human tissues with keeping in mind to combine biology and pathology. Jean-Baptiste Michel has shown spectacularly how solid surgical experience, combined with fundamental research work, leads to first class discoveries on anomalies of the cardiovascular system, particularly on its ageing.



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  • Alan Nurden

    Docteur Alan Nurden

    « Identification of a molecular receptor, involved in arterial thrombosis »

    Remise du prix Prix Danièle Hermann 2003 - Alan Nurden

    The Prize Danièle Hermann 2012 had been attributed to Doctor Alan Nurden.

    Doctor of research at CNRS and director of UMR 5533 for his research on cardiology for the identification of a molecular receptor, involved in arterial thrombosis. In 2001 rewarded by the DistinguishCareerAward, awarded by the International Society on Thrombosis and Hemostasis, Doctor Nurden has widely contributed to the understanding of the molecular pathways, responsible for adhesion and for platelet aggregation, thanks to his studies on rare genetic diseases.

    His work has lead to the preparation of new anti-thrombotic therapeutic generations, being more efficient and more selective than those which previously existed. These drugs are widely used in cardio-vascular pharmacology.



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