Call for applications Prix Daniele Hermann 2014

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The prize Danièle Hermann is intended to compensate a French researcher and to help developing the group of his researchers.

The theme for 2014 is :
« Terminal cardiac insufficiency: transplantation and artificial heart »

Thank you for conveying the information
to the scientists with whom you are in contact and of whom you think they are likely to compete for this award.

Compiling of the dossier :

The dossier for candidature has to include :

  1. CV of the candidate
  2. Composition of the team
  3. Presentation of the main works realized (2-3 pages)
  4. the actual research project (2 pages)
  5. List of the main publications
  6. A Letter of support from a personality of the world of Science.

Absolute deadline for deposit of the dossier: 13th of July 2014

A paper copy of the dossier for candidature has to be sent to :

Institut de France – Fondation Recherche Cardio-vasculaire – 23 quai de Conti – 75006 Paris

A copy has also to be sent by e-mail (format Word/PDF) to :
For further information :

The candidature appeal is available on internet :