The exams

The myocardial scan


What is a myocardial scan ?

Its aim is to explore the vascularisation and the functioning of the heart muscle. Generally, the exam is linked to an
endurance test or a pharmaceutical treatment.

A myocardial scan is an excellent exam for the diagnosis or the evaluation of a cardiovascular disease, permitting to determine an injury of the heart muscle (myocardial infarct) or to prove an insufficient blood-flow during the endurance test (myocardial ischemia).


How is a myocardial scan being carried out ?


  • By an endurance test, done on a bicycle under the control by a cardiologist, who is saving your electrocardiogram. You will get the injection of a radioactive tracer at the highest moment of your effort, which you have to continue for 1 minute after the injection. In certain cases the endurance test is replaced by an injection of a medicament (which can go along with a little exercise on bicycle).
  • After a waiting time of 20 to 30 minutes, the imaging of the heart is carried out. You will be lying on your stomach (men) or on your back (women). The machine will circle around you for appr. 15 minutes.
  • When the doctor is esteeming that it is necessary to carry out a new registration, it will be carried out 2 to 4 hours later, after another injection of the radioactive tracer and in the same position as the first time (lasting 8 minutes).


Generally, the exam is lasting for 4 to 5 hours.