The exams

Cardiac echocardiography


What is a cardiac echocardiography ?

Echocardiography is an ultrasound control of the Heart. The technique is based on applying ultrasound waves. The exam is done by a cardiologist, either within a hospital or in a specialised GP’s practice.

It permits to evaluate cardiac dynamic and the thickness of the walls of the heart by giving an image of the heart and the big vessels. .In case of an heart attack it is giving also information on the eventual existence of a zone of ischemia. And it also can reveal a malformation or a tumour…

How is the echocardiography being carried out ?

The patient is lying on his back with naked chest and back. For getting a better image, cardiologist can ask you to turn onto your left side. Then he puts on your skin a gel, which is for a better transmission of the ultrasound. During the exam, lasting between 10 to 30 minutes, the cardiologist receives the images and can make measurements..

The echocardiography has no secondary effects, nor any counter-indication. There are no X-rays being used and it is non-irradiadet.