Acting with the Foundation



For a national mobilization, involving fundamental and clinical research, public and private research, the industry, organisms like INSERM, researchers and the ill themselves.

The Cardio-Vascular Research Foundation-Institut de France supports the future perspectives of research, namely :

  1. Individual treatment due to generics
  2. Regeneration of an organ by stem cells and gene therapy
  3. Improved diagnosis due to non-invasive imaging

Some numbers from France are sufficient for measuring the scope the necessity for a cutting edge research:



  • 147.000 deaths every year
  • More than 400 people die very year from a Cardio-Vascular disease
  • 2,8 billion of suffering patients
  • 14 billion people have a too high arterial blood pressure
  • 120 000 cases of myocardial infarcts per year lead to death or invalidity
  • First reason for death of women
  • In France, 3,5 billion people have diabetes
  • In France, 6,5 billion adults are obese


According to professionals, the range of cardio-vascular diseases is evaluating: more and more often you have patients with cardiac insufficiency. Yesterday, it was a disease of the 50 years old, but today, those of 40 years are affected and more and more women are the victims.


Prevention of cardio-vascular diseases has become a real challenge for public health and it could not be efficient without taking into account the risks, favouring these pathologies:

  • Heredity
  • Arterial high blood pressure
  • Hypercholeterolemia
  • Diabetes and obesity
  • Smoking and lack of physical activity
  • Ageing…


Already a great number of individuals and companies are
supporting research by their gifts and bequests

92 % of French

give priority to
cardio-vascular research (source IFOP)

In France, 100 000 children
are born every year with a cardiac malformation
of whom some are incurable
the aim of research also is to reduce their number 


Learn more about the Academy of Science:
Ministère de l’enseignement supérieur et de la recherche




Cardiovascular Research Foundation research

Numerous patients, who would have been condemned only fifteen years ago, can be saved today thanks to the new techniques. Heart surgical interventions are benefitting from the progress in robotisation. It is now possible to remodel and dilate blood vessels. Heart transplant, tomorrow stem-cells and artificial heart make the change the specific prognostic, which once would have been fatal. Prevention of these cardio-vascular diseases was considerably improved due to the very active drugs, which are well tolerated.


« “The explosion of knowledge in the area of life give an advantage to all medical research: development, genome and post-genome, molecular genetics, grafting, stem-cells…” underlines Professor Pierre Corvol, Collège de France, Institut de France, Académie des Sciences.


Progress in medicine and in heart surgery is depending especially of research, and is the only chance to reduce the fatal outcome of these diseases. Everything has to be done for not being slowed down for lack of financial resources.




It’s an issue of public health, that cardio-vascular diseases are today the first reason for death worldwide and the second one in France, where it is also the first reason for seniors and for women. The Cardio-Vascular Research Foundation-Institut de France wants to finance innovative and audacious research work, concerning cardio-vascular common illness.

These are the aims :

–       developing strategies for high-level diagnostic and prevention of cardio-vascular diseases

–       for a better understanding of the characteristics and development of cardio-vascular diseases

–       to favour development of clinical networks better facing the international issue

–       upgrading the epidemiological knowledge for a better understanding of the determining factors of risk for the diseases and their evolution over time

–       to reduce the expenses for health by anticipating the demographical upheavals and the well known risk factors of cardio-vascular diseases

The submitted projects will be evaluated according to their

–       scientific experience

–       realism

–       environmental value of research

–       their association between their clinical and their fundamental dimension

–       legitimacy of the project, regarding the actions of the Foundation and the consideration given to public health



Under the impetus of the scientific council,
the Cardio-Vascular Research Foundation-Institut de France has received attention for “The heart of women”
making it the central theme for the research projects.



Become partner of the Foundation with a participatory financing of a research project. The Cardio-Vascular Research Foundation-Institut de France has decided to financially support the team of top French researchers in the cardio-vascular domain.

Through combination of perceverance, patience, technical and accuracy, the researchers of excellence work for the health of all, for us, for you.

And this is our privileged mission: to support the programs and the high level of research, whereto we invite you to participate with your donations, partnership or subventions.

Here are some examples for research projects which we would like you to support:

  1. “Le Coeur des Femmes”
  2. “Heart and diabetes”
  3. “Heart and hypercholesterolemia”
  4. “Heart and CVA”
  5. “Heart and heart failure”
  6. “Heart and ageing”
  7. “Heart and physical activity”
  8. “Heart and pharmacological innovations”
  9. “Heart and cardio-vascular risks”