Research for the heart of women

Lauching the Research Programmes “Heart of Women”

In September, 2014
The Cardio-Vascular Research Foundation-Institut de France



Is launching the first research programmes on cardio-vascular diseases of women.

With the support from an exceptional and unassailable scientific council – relying on the best French researchers and the members of the Académie des Sciences – of renown, which goes beyond national borders for these programmes. These research programmes want to bring to an end the under-representation of women in cardio-vascular research, because despite the greater number of women engaged in clinical tests, they are nearly absent in certain therapies for example to lower cholesterol, the ischemic heart diseases and the heart failures.

There is also the problem of specific evaluation of certain invasive treatments among the feminine population, which are as well neglected in research on drug therapies.


It is urgent to analyze the reasons and the differences as well as the foreseeable risk factors
In order to tackle these epidemics of the heart. The women who have a cardio-vascular disease have to be studies in the same terms as when you compare men with men and comparing them with those who don’t suffer from this by analyzing the reasons and differences, and also because more and more younger women are affected too.

Till today, a community of 20.000 women have engaged themselves for our programme
“Heart of Women” to support a research, which is suitable for the heart of women