The Foundation on cardio-vascular Research

The Missions of the Foundation

Information Structure and Actions,

The Cardio-Vascular Research Foundation-Institut de France has prioritary missions

Providing the group of French and international cardiologists with the precise means ,for developing together original and ambitious projects, which are independent, innovative, most federating and wide ranging.


How ?

  • Informing the opinion-leaders and making a grand public sensible for the severity of cardio-vascular diseases and their dangers, and the insufficient means of this progressively scalable research.
  • Fighting against the actual ideas on the heart of women by information and prevention campaigns
  • By day by day actions of information, thus contributing to sensibilise the medical staff, and the women
  • Helping the development of Research on heart diseases, even more especially concerning surgery, the heart of women, CVA (Cardiovascular Accident), treatment of children, ageing, artificial heart, and nutrition.
  • By doing so contributing to finance especially research activities with the help of enterprises