The Foundation on cardio-vascular Research

A foundation of the Institut de France

A Foundation – Institut de France, born from a personnel experience of a patient

Danièle Hermann

« Cardiovascular research has given me the feeling of being reborn. Therefore, from now it is necessary that on more and more heart patients can profit from the progress of research. »

I want to encourage you not to fear an operation on the open heart, because this is, on the contrary, a door which is opening a new life, and to a renewed and marvellous energy. The great surgeons are magicians, the creators of this new life; and we have to support them. Also i helping cardiology and your heart for a better life. I am quite sure that, when we are uniting our strength, encouraging and supporting research, this will allow to create the possibility for a better knowledge of cardio-vascular diseases.

Danièle Hermann


Danièle Hermann, taken ill at very young age from a quickly developing cardiogram, was twice operated at the heart by Professor Alain Carpentier. In 1979, this had pushed her to create the Association for Cardiovascular Research in 1979, and the Cardio-Vascular Research Foundation
in July 2001.

The Cardio-Vascular Research Foundation-Institut de France is therefore not the result
of a technical-medical decision, but the direct conclusion from a personal experience.