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« What the Collège de France wants to give to its auditors since it’s foundation, are not granted truths by esprit, but the idea of independent research »

 Maurice Merleau-Ponty

Public establishment for higher education, a unique institution in France without any equivalent abroad, the Collège de France has the vocation to teach innovative science. Since the 16th century, the Collège de France has two vocations: being as well the place for the most audacious research as the one for teaching it.

Being doomed to fundamental research, being partners of CNRS (France’s national scientific research centre), INSERM (France) and several other important institutions, the Collège de France owns this unique feature: it teaches “the knowledge which is about to be building up in all fields of literature, science or arts”.



The Institut Pasteur is a private, not-for-profit foundation, with the mission to contribute to the prevention of disease-treatments, with priority for infectious ones, by research, teaching, and actions for public health.

Living up to the humanitarian spirit of its founder, the Institut Pasteur always is at the forefront in all aspects of running biomedical research for better battling against diseases. This breakthrough is possible, due to the spirit of independence, enhancing the researchers, who set up ambitious scientific and diversified projects in key fields for the study of infectious Diseases: biology, microbiology, genetics and molecular biology.

Based on a flexible organization, highlighting multidisciplinarity, and supporting a policy of recruiting young researchers, the Institut Pasteur makes exploration of new research paths easier and steadily enlarges its expertise into other fields.