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The heart of the future

le-coeur-du-futur-01The progress in diagnosis and therapy is becoming more and more efficient year after year for a better improvement of care for the patient. The heart of the future has also become a more and more personalized
medical advice, thanks to the technological advantages which are having an impact on the treatment of numerous pathologies: coronary diseases, vascular diseases, valvulopathies, cardiac rhythm disorders, arterial hypertension, cardiac insufficiency.

Which are the latest great inventions in French cardiology ?

  1. Medical imaging : le-coeur-du-futur-02

    Ultrasound imaging, MRI, a scan and a scintigraphy are all more and more efficient, being in continuous evolution. The present performance of ultrasound imaging in 3D is multiple, permitting even 2D and give a better analysis of the cardiac anatomy and its functioning.

  2. Genetics : 

    Today it is possible to propose a complete molecular diagnosis for different situations. The identification of modifying genetic factors also makes way to a peak medicine, matched for every patient. In near future, the treatment will be chosen according to the genetic profile of the patient, improving the adaptation of the treatment and to counteract the adverse effects. On the other hand, complex therapeutic techniques, such as transferring into cells the missing or faulty genes is still in the test phase.

  3. Pharmacology and interventional treatments: 

    The molecules of the future based on monoclonal antibody methods, which are increasingly targeted. They could profoundly modify the monitoring of the treatment of hypercholesterolemia. As it is also the case of the major technical advances which are realised in the field of implants of electrical prothesis, such as stimulators (lacking sensors and in miniature format), defibrillators and resynchronisizers.

  4. Cardiac surgery : the revolution of the artificial heart

    From tomorrow on, several types of cardiac assistance can be considered, such as totally implantable models (with long-lasting rechargeable batteries), or even the artificial heart, being able to replace integrally the failing heart. On the 18th of December 2013, Professor Carpentier and his team has carried out an implantation of an artificial heart, being a real revolution for French cardiology.

  5. The stem cells : 

    The therapeutic potential of stem cells is offering a significant prospect. When they are taken from the heart or the bone marrow they will be able to multiply, to develop into cardiac cells and to regenerate part of the failing heart.

The digital heart

The mobile telephone serves your heart

Which are the latest mobile phone-applications for cardiologists?

  1. coeur-digitalMeda Cardio : mobile app for cardiologists

    The Meda Pharma laboratory is proposing an application for mobile phones for cardiologists, called “Meda Cardio”. This is available, free of charge, and reserved for health professionals providing scores, scales and classifications in cardiology for the cardiologists.

  2. IEcho : mobile app in echocardiography for the health professionals

    The Bristol-Myers Swuibb and Pfizer laboratories are launching a mobile app, dedicated to echocardiography, reserved for cardiologists. The echocardiography has today become a key tool for taking care of patients, hospitalized in cardiology.

  3. Cardio Test :  an app, dedicated for cardio-vascular risk-prevention

    It is proposing to the patient of receiving evaluative tests and counselling for daily life : testing one’s cardio-vascular risks by a personalized test, making you more aware about the cardio-vascular risks by having access to information on symptoms and preventive measures, and for learning all about the right thing to do in the case of an urgent situation.

  4. IOximeter : a connected device for measuring your pulse

    The company SaheHeart has launched an oxymeter connected to your Smartphone for measuring your pulse, as well as your oxygen saturation in blood.This oxymeter is a small device where you put your finger in, and it will then measure your pulse as well as the saturation of oxygen in the blood. With an app on your Smartphone, you have access to all registered results for a follow-up of your measurements.

Our highlight of the digital heart !

Professor Sébastien Bergeron and his team are launching Cardio Virtuel
This app is permitting access to a tailor-made expertise for doctors and students in medicine, designed to further improve their knowledge, being clinical-wise or for teaching. Cardio Virtuel is, among the multiple mobile apps for doctors, the first app for cardiology, enabling them to receive the answers to questions by giving short videos, with a commentary by a cardiologist or a radiologist. The app includes the essential notions for reading an ECG, radiographies and echocardiographies. Within an easy to handle interface the basic concepts and even the most rare diseases are presented.

The app is accredited by the Université Laval and is available in the App Store.