The heart of the nutrition

« Let your food be your only medicine ! »

fondation-recherche-cardio-vasculaire_nutritionRelearn how to eat well : The health of the heart and of our arteries is provided by our choice of food. Therefore, it is important to distinguish between food which does you good, and that one which is bad for you. Relearning about the great nutritional principles is so important for a better quality of life

Which are the key-points for a better quality of life?

1.   The motivation for developing better alimentary habits :

  • You will feel much more comfortable for moving around
  • You are transpiring less
  • You are transpiring less
  • You are sleeping better
  • You will be able to do it, because you are determined to: everybody will find their own way

2.    Knowledge on good and bad fat :

  • Eat fish more frequently (2 to 3 times per week), and less often meat: prefer lean meat and avoid as much as possible sausages and cold cuts
  • Milky product should be eaten daily, yes to low-fat joghurts, cottage cheese with 0 % fat and skimmed milk
  • Put a damper on cheese but do not completely avoid it
  • Prefer oil (only a little) to butter
  • Use olive oil for cooking

3.    Important is the glycemic index of food

  • Dried vegetables, starchy food, cereals, should be eaten with every mea
  • Eat Basmati rice, egg pasta, lentils, white beans, peas, soy
  • Eat fruit and vegetables because of their content of fibres
  • Drink one or two glasses of red wine daily
  • Be cautious with sweeteners because they are nurturing the taste for sugar

4.    Some practical tips and hints for day-to-day life

  • Take your time for eating, sit down and don’t take a very big plate
  • Avoid reading or watching TV while you eat
  • Go shopping with a full stomach and only with your buying list
  • Do not eliminate completely all your favourite food, make your choice according to your preferences.


  •  garlic, onions
  •  fatty fish
  •  black chocolate
  •  red vine (drink with moderation)
  •  juice from dark grapes and raisins
  •  Nuts, almonds
  •  Soya, oatmeal
  •  Curry or anti-oxidant spices
  •  Wheat germs and oil from it
  •  Purslane
  •  Cod liver
  •  Goji berries
  •  Soja lecithin


  • Saturated fat
  • Fast-acting sugar
  • Too much added salt
  • Refined flower
  • Chemical additives
  • Too much acidifying food



Slow-down the ageing of the heart through nutrition


Qualimentation-riche-en-fibreelle alimentation privilégier ?

Fibre-rich food can be found in :


  1. Fruits
  2. Vegetables
  3. Whole grain cereals


Fibres allow to lower risk for appearance of cardio-vascular diseases and to reduce the bad cholesterol. They also can induce the risk of a blood- inflammation, and also the development of atheromatous plates in the arteries which are the origin for heart attacks. Finally, a fibre-rich diet has demonstrated a lower arterial pressure and better fluidity of the blood.