The 2013 Danièle Hermann prize is awarded to Professor Serge Hercberg and his work on nutrition

Prof. Serge Hercberg et la Présidente Danièle Hermann



The 2013 Herman Danièle Price was awarded to Professor Serge Hercberg at the Palais de l’Institut de France, on Friday, January 24, 2014. Thus, this year it is the research of this great nutrition specialist into our eating habits and their impact on cardio-metabolic diseases that has been put in the spotlight.

In the presence of numerous personalities from the world of science, the ceremony was inaugurated by M. Gabriel de Broglie, Chancellor of the Institut de France and Professor Jean-François Bach, Permanent Secretary of the Academy of Sciences, who described the epidemiological context of nutrition.

Prof. J.F Bach, la Présidente D. Hermann, Prof. S. Hercberg et le Chancelier Gabriel de Broglie

 As for President Danièle Hermann she stressed the vital importance of good eating habits and the need to teach them at an early age. This was a vibrant presentation to the audience of the research of Professor Serge Hercberg and his commitment to seeing his fellow-citizens follow a healthy diet. As the initiator of the first National Health and Nutrition Programme, Professor Serge Hercberg is also the coordinator of Nutrinet, considered to be the world’s largest ever survey on food. During his speech, Professor Hercberg warmly thanked his team and the scientific council of the Cardiovascular Research Foundation. In order that nutrition may become a real public health priority.

Some pictures of the ceremony (Photographer Michel Dufour)


Prof. S. Hercberg, Présidente D. Hermann et Prof. André Syrota (PDG Inserm)


Prof. P. Menasché, Prof. D. Duveau, Pres. D. Hermann, Prof. A. Syrota, Prof. C. Llorens Cortes, Prof. S. Hercberg



Prof. C. Llorens Cortes, Prof. S. Hercberg, Michel Guérard (chef étoilé)



Prof. D. Duveau, Prés. D. Hermann, Prof. P. Menasché



Prof. C. Desfrançois (Université Paris 13), Dr. Pilar Galan, Prof. S. Hercberg et Prés. D. Hermann


Prés. D. Hermann et Prof. M. Desnos