Press supports the heart of women !

The journal “L’Humanité” has honoured the heart of women and the engagement of the Cardio-Vascular Research Foundation in its weekly edition of Thursday, the 3rd of April, 2014


journee_femmeThis substantive article, denouncing the ignorance around female cardio-vascular diseases demonstrates the need to fight against received ideas. The reasons are the well-known “market-places” : Women would be protected by their hormones, myocardial infarct would be a male disease, or even ignoring the female cardio-vascular symptoms, may it be by the medical community as well as by the women themselves.

This injustice to patient’s care is presented in the conclusions of the Canadian medical association with its publication on the differences between men and women for having access to urgent care for an acute coronary syndrome. So, from 1123 treated patients 29% of women have received an electrocardiogram, against 38% of men and for a vital care, necessitating to relieve an obstruction of the coronary artery 32% of women benefitted from it within 30 minutes, against 57% of men. UThis is the sad reality, which urgently has to change by promoting a research targeted around the heart of women.

We are thanking the newspaper « L’Humanité Hebdo » for this outcry of heart, the original text of which can be found in the press-area on our Website.

Some more information :

Danièle Hermann had launched a research programme on female cardiopathy at the European Hospital Georges Pompidou. She has vowed her life to make the public and the medical corps sensible for this topic and has published “The Heart of Women – You have to understand cardio-vascular diseases for better fighting against them” (Robert Laffont) Site