Petition for simple nutricional labelling

ill_petition_etiqThis unprecedented petition has been launched by a group of learned society, associations of professionals for health (among them the Cardio-Vascular Research Foundation-Institut de France) and nutrition, actors on the ground, consumers and patients. It is unprecedented and is battling for a mobilisation of the public for setting up a transparent system of information concerning the nutritional quality of food.
Up to today, numerous associations of the professionals in health, consumers and patients and more than 10 000 people have already signed this petition on the net ( for a simple labelling of food which is intuitive and understandable for everybody, put on the upper side of the food-wrapping.
The stakes are high because this means helping the consumer in his choice of food for better battling against overweight and obesity, but also to encourage the industry for improving the nutritional quality of their products.
If you wish to support and sign the petition :
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