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Call for research proposals



The Fondation ‘Recherche cardiovasculaire- Institut de France’ foundation has launched its 2015 call for research proposals. This relates to medical research proposals focusing on women’s cardiac health (basic, clinical, epidemiological or focusing on the healthcare system).

The Foundation will award an initial research grant of 50,000 euros towards this program, which must be spent within a 2 year period. This grant may be awarded in addition to other funding for research into cardiovascular health which has already been awarded to the award recipient, or it may be used to fund an entirely new research project. Any proposal relating to women’s cardiovascular health, and more specifically, which flags up clear evidence of gender imbalance in the conduct or focus of cardiovascular health research is suitable for submission; the Scientific Advisory Board has identified the following topics as being of particular interest:


1-      Pharmacology : : Mechanisms involved in the regulation of blood pressure and cardiac function in cardiovascular illnesses affecting women with a view to developing new classes of therapeutic agents (for instance, protease inhibitors involved in the metabolism of vasoactive (neuro) peptides) and/or improving the use of existing therapeutic agents.


2-      Physiopathology : Deep vein thrombosis and chronic venous diseases (varices) and the ways in which female hormones influence these conditions, with particular reference to hormone replacement therapy.


3-      Epidemiology : the examination of gender-specific aspects of cardiovascular health (pathologies, determinants, risk factors, treatments). This could focus on an entirely new area of study or be designed to add to existing research. This would be carried out through a cohort study or an analysis of existing databases.

Dossiers must also be sent by post FAO Monsieur Arthur SERVIN to :

Fondation Recherche Cardio-Vasculaire – Institut de France, 23 quai Conti, 75006 PARIS


–          The CV of the principal investigator featuring their10 key academic publications or paper

–          the composition of the team/research laboratory

–          a letter of intent (<2 pages)

–          a lay summary (1/2 page)

–          a draft budget, including any other sources of funding