MySOS : a solidary application for saving lives

mysos At the beginning of this free of charge and revolutionary app ”mySOS” lies a true story of indifference. This app is for people with fragile health and being in a situation of distress.

The victim is a woman, 78 years old. One evening, when she has an attack of a chestpain, she contacted the SAMU (French emergency), the she fell. She had a heart attack. In the apartment beside hers, his 32 year old neighbour, a first aid attendant for the Red Cross, is surfing the net with his friends. At the arrival of the SAMU, the woman was dead. In the connected world of today, the essential information of coming for help to others is not passed over.

Photo Bernard Mourad

Photo Bernard Mourad

When the banker Bernard Mourad
heard of this, he thinks to act rapidly, so that these situations will never happen again. His solution: mutual help. The product for this solidarity : the mySOS app.

What is mySOS ?
This app, mySOS, free of charge, is easy to download via Apple Store,It can easily be installed on a Smartphone, after having filled in a form, where you explain your health problems. The icon mySOS is then appearing on your phone. In a situation of cardiac distress or other, you only have to press the icon-button and the emergency relief is started : Emergency help, emergency doctor, the persons to contact.

But also, and this is the great innovation, a social network for local help, called “Anges gardiens” (helping angels) are coming to help the persons, when the alert is launched. This network is easy to be part of by downloading the app, if you are a health professional or simply a volunteer.

The Cardio-Vascular Research Foundation is joining this chain of solidarity and gives it his heartfelt support.

A big bravo for this initiative of heart !