For the festive season hand out your heart

shutterstock_7240513_ConvertiNow that the Festive Season is arriving, bringing together family reunions with the joy of children, let us also think of all those, suffering from a cardio-vascular pathology, and who are waiting for our support. In spite of the progress made in research, the multiple warnings, launched by the public health authorities, cardio-vascular diseases still stay being the first reason for death in France and worldwide, as well as they are the first reason for death among women, ahead of breast cancer.

This battle for the heart never stopped to be defended by our deeply regretted President, Madam Danièle Hermann, who was even more touched by this cause because she herself was suffering from cardio-vascular troubles. But despite the gravity of her pathology, Madam Danièle Hermann had never stopped to combat and to rally support for prevention and an equal research, which would take into account the heart of women in its singularity. A wish, granted by our scientific council, who actually is working on the first calls for tender, destined for bringing forward the research programmes intended for the cardio-vascular diseases of women.

For this research of excellence, you are the actors, and your donations and your mobilization make it possible for being abolished, because a durable research is built brick-by-brick. We are thanking you wholeheartedly for being or aspiring to become our builder of heart.

We wish you a good festive season, in an atmosphere of sharing and partnership. We wish you beautiful and big emotions, with a word, written so beautifully by the philosopher Diderot «rarely the heart is lying, but one doesn’t like to listen to it».

Listen to your heart.