april 10, 2015 : Danièle Hermann Award Ceremony at the Institut de France

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The Prix Danièle Hermann 2014 prize will be awarded at the Palais de l’Institut de France on April 10th 2015, in front of Monsieur Gabriel de Broglie, Chancellor of the Institut de France Professeur Jean-François Bach, Permanent Secretary of the French Academy of Science,Maître Michèle Cahen Vice-President of the Fondation Recherche Cardio-Vasculaire (the Foundation for Cardiovascular Research), and numerous guests and members of the media

This year, in accordance with the wishes of our sorely missed Founder and President Madame Danièle Hermann, who died as a result of heart failure in 2014, the Prix Danièle Hermann will be awarded to a researcher who is involved in combating end-stage heart failure or the fields of heart transplantation and artificial hearts. After careful consideration, the jury, composed of members of the French Academy of Science and respected medical practitioners, chose Professeur Jean-Noël Trochu from the Institut du Thorax et du système nerveux at the CHU de Nantes (the Thorax and Nervous System Institute at Nantes University Hospital).

Professeur Jean-Noël Trochu and his team aim both to improve the clinical management of end-stage heart failure and carry out research in the wider field of end-stage cardiac failure. Thanks to the 30,000 euros awarded as part of the Prix Danièle Hermann, a whole team will be empowered to continue its research, specifically, to work on the creation of a new animal model of post-capillary pulmonary arterial hypertension.

In mid-April we’ll be delighted to give you a detailed report of the award ceremony.