And what if the secret of a healthy heart lies in a fulfilling sex life?


d69fe8ff59e740570fac59c58c3e033f-orig-398x310This fulfilment was put up-front by the very serious American Heart Association which in his report of 2012 has come to the conclusion, that sexual activity is an essential component for the well-being with positive effects for the heart.

While the whole medical corps is encouraging us to practise physical activity or to keep a healthy nutrition for prevention of cardio-vascular diseases, there is less communication on the benefits of sexuality for cardiac health. This is a regrettable omission, while it is well-known that actively making love is equal to a course around the stadium for the muscle of the heart. And that, according to the results of a study, published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health men who make love at least twice a week halve the risk of a heart attack, compared to those, who are making love less than once a month.

When you are strengthening your heart by heightening its pulsations (ca. 70 pulsations/minute up to 100, 120) you are reducing not only your risk of heart attack, but you are also activating the hormones for well-being, which is a dopant for your good humour.

This is great news for our cardio-vascular health and good for our humour.

The Cardio-Vascular Research Foundation is wishing you a happy Saint Valentine’s Day.