A woman is not a man like the others …

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Peggy Sastre, a scientific journalist, author and Doctor in philosophy, has not gone unrecognized with her book “The Sex of diseases”, publishedin 2014. Being much more than a stone thrown into water, flirting with any issue, this brilliant investigative essay puts a finger on scientific research and the exclusion too often made for women in therapeutic tests, namely because of maternity and contraceptive drugs. This crucial omission should urgently be corrected, because it is well-known that women who fall ill cannot be treated the same way as men. Not only, because their body, normal functioning and pathologic are different.


media_CJulienThis means looking for an other perspective, audacious and necessary as well, like this young journalist, who is supported by Professor Claudine Junien, geneticist and member of the scientific council for the research programme “heart of women”. When interviewed for the famous morning programme Télématin by Doctor Brigitte-Fanny Cohen, Claudine Junien was defending an equal research, referring to the importance of a more differentiated medicine, and to the respective genes proper to the man and the woman. Thus, there is not only one human genome, but in reality two: the male genome and the feminine genome. Starting from this difference, she is explaining that the tolerance of medicine for example is not identical, depending if you are a man or a woman. And she is mentioning the prescription of aspirin, which is preventing women of the risk of having a vascular cerebral accident, while it is for men rather against the risk of having a heart attack. When there will be arriving pink pills and blue pills?

Find the interview in full on the website of Télématin (http://www.france2.fr/emissions/telematin).

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