A treatment adapted for women

dans-le-secteur-de-la-sante-si-les-femmes-sont-76-elles_883485_490x326While equality of men and women has revealed to be needed in a variety of fields it cannot be denied that female particularities find a lot of difficulties to be applied in questions of health. One has to conclude that female particularities are nearly absent, specially when it comes to cardio-vascular diseases. Today we know that clinical statements make a difference between the sexes, and that therefore, the treatment should be personalized. And yet, despite of the progress made, and that women are now included in clinical tests, which is also approved by the United States, it can hardly be believed, that only 20 % of the drug tests on animals are done on female ones. This staggering figure is widely declared by Peggy Sartre in her work “The sex of diseases”.

This knowledge lead to work on a research which no longer ignores the woman was the battle, for which Danièle Hermann, our late President was battling since 2011 and which we continue with all our determination to shake up the prejudices. We want to set up research programmes which take into account female cardio-vascular diseases, treated according to special criteria. This had been a red alert for public health, which the European Heart Journal has taken up since 2011. Step by step the mentalities are changing, and we are proud of having been at the origin of it and to reinforce our actions today, thanks to the precious support by our scientific council. It is the first French scientific council, appointed for launching the research programmes, targeted on the heart of women.

Congratulations to the la Tribune de Genève to relay in its article of 21st November 2014 this message of an equal research for which our Foundation will never stop to fight.